Stone Security Introduces New Business Division, ‘’


Stone Security Introduces New Business Division, ‘’

Las Vegas, Nevada – April 9th – Stone Security is pleased to announce the launch of its latest venture, ‘’, a dedicated business division focused on delivering high-quality mobile security solutions. This strategic expansion represents Stone Security’s commitment to innovation with the introduction of its new product line, the ‘’ trailers.

Commenting on the milestone, Stone’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Andy Schreyer remarked, “Our team’s journey developing our own product has certainly been exciting. We are not strangers to the concept of mobile security trailers. But, over the past year, we made some creative decisions and collaborated closely to bring something spectacular to the market that we are all extremely proud to introduce.”

The ‘’ trailers offer advanced features that make them an ideal choice for clients seeking quality, reliability, and seamless system integration. From customizable configurations to advanced surveillance capabilities, these trailers are designed to meet the evolving needs of modern security requirements.

In addition to the ‘’ trailers, Stone’s new division will also manage a range of cutting-edge products, including Evolv weapons detection systems, Axis body-worn camera systems, and customized in-vehicle solutions for buses and transportation networks.

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